At ALA Annual in Washington D.C. – Day 1

After a long night of travel, we did, finally arrive in Washington, D.C.

When we went to the Conference registration, a funny thing happened. Kayla was given her registration materials, a fancy badge holder and a large conference bag (with the conference logo). Tess and Otrell were told that, because they were not ALA members, they would only receive a simple badge holder and no bag. I asked Kayla if she was an ALA member and she assured me that she was not. She kept the bag and fancy badge holder anyway.


Tess and Kayla spent the early part of the afternoon pouring over the list of author signings:
“Gregory Maguire!”
“Oh my God! Holly Black! You hafta let us stay up to see Holly Black!”
“Annette Curtis Klause! We can’t miss her!”

I’ll let them share their list of “Authors I want to meet…”

I gave a talk at the Intellectual Freedom Round Table Pre-Conference, Celebrating the Library Bill of Rights. It went very well. I met a bunch of new people and I was invited to serve on an ALA-IFRT committee.

Another funny thing happened to the young people. A woman who was attending the IRFT Pre-Conference came over to Kayla, patted her on the shoulder and enthusiastically inquired, “How are you!” while grinning ear to ear. She also patted Tess and Otrell and, again smiling broadly greeted them animatedly. Kayla, Tess and Otrell greeted the woman in return. Kayla obsessed for the rest of the afternoon, “Who was that woman? Do I know her?” I think that the woman was simply excited to see young people in attendance. I wonder what else is going to happen …

We finally checked into our hotel room, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we’ll make do.

I had to wake everyone up to eat dinner. We were an exhausted crew!

Dinner on Thursday night



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2 responses to “At ALA Annual in Washington D.C. – Day 1

  1. Karen MacDonald

    It’s great to read your blog. I hope all of you have a great time. Karen MacDonald

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